Does anyone else struggle with keeping up on their housework? A clean house is VITAL to both my overall happiness and also how much work I’m able to get done. Since I work at home and spend most of my time here, it’s so important for me that my living AND work spaces feel clean, clear, and open. I know everyone is cray cray busy nowadays. It’s hard to find the time and energy to keep up. That’s why I bring you 10 Things You Can Clean in 10 Minutes.

I want to keep an eye on your overachievers out there. Don’t try and tackle this list in one day (though major kudos if you do). A couple of these you can do every day to make your life a little better, BUT most of these are meant to tackle one day at a time.

I’m serious. Today, I made my bed and I plan on vacuuming my living room. BAM. Clean in 10 minutes. Tomorrow I might clean the toilets and declutter my kitchen table. Clean in 10 minutes. I know we’re new friends and all, but trust me on this, babe. Take it little by little. Preventing overwhelm will help you actually keep your house from looking like a disaster zone (spoken from true experience).

1. make your bed

But for real. My desk is in my bedroom, right next to the bed. I have to make the bed or I cannot concentrate. It makes a huge difference for me, but might not be as big on an impact on you. UNTIL. Until you come home after a long day at work, until your kids take a nap and you retreat to your bedroom for a well deserved break.

Bonus, this takes WAY less time than 10 minutes. This is a daily task for me, but it’s SO simple to do. It’s the last thing I do before I leave my room in the mornings after getting ready.

2. declutter “that” spot

You have a spot. I have a spot. There’s a spot in every single person’s home that collects the clutter just a liiiiiitle more than any other spot. For me, it’s the kitchen table. It’s a 6 seater and there are only 3 of us sitting at it 99% of the time. Right now, half of it is covered in old mail from last week, my daughter’s empty Easter basket, a bag of shampoo and conditioner from my grocery run that needs to make it up to my bathroom, and an unopened box of night time diapers I need to return to Target. (#momlife)

I can’t do it every day. I’m sure my house would be extra beautiful if I could, but once a week is about as often as I can manage right now.

3. Vacuum one room

Don’t even bother going into a second or third room. You can do another room tomorrow. Or next week. Vacuuming the whole house is too much. Even if you have a small apartment or condo. Don’t you dare touch the hallway or bedrooms if you’ve already done the living room. Once you’ve done one room, step away from the vacuum and kick your feet up. Good job, you!

I vacuum my living room and kitchen the most because that’s where all the crumbs fall. Usually a couple times a week. We don’t bring food upstairs, so I tend to get around to that area once a month(ish) instead of once a week. It is what it is 🙂

4. Dust electronics

Grab that Swiffer duster and get to work, friend. Dust off the TV, computer monitors, keyboards, gaming consoles. Wipe off all the screens in your house. Get that can of air and clean between the keyboard keys.

Your electronics will thank you, and pay you back in kind by not being disgusting, and perhaps lasting a bit longer.

5. dust fan blades/tops of cabinets/your fridge/lights

While we’re on the subject of dusting, you could totally tackle the fan blades, tops of your cabinets, on top of the fridge, and any ceiling lights you’ve got going on. Just give them a quick  dusteroo.

Pro-tip from someone who’s been there, though. I recommend doing the dusting BEFORE you vacuum, or you’ll just have to do it again. Which is ANNOYING.

6. Toss old/expired food from your fridge & pantry

I do my grocery shopping on Sunday mornings, and meal planning/list making on Saturday evenings (it’s a nonstop party over here, y’all). Since I’m typically in my fridge and pantry checking on what we have/what we need, I use that time to toss old stuff to make room for the new stuff.

Gone are the days of going to bake cookies and pulling out flour that expired two years ago.

7. Clean the toilets

UUUUGGGGH so gross. But so necessary. I’m fortunate enough to have 2.5 bathrooms in my home. But this also means 3 toilets to keep clean. Here’s my system:

I use a toilet cleaner from The Honest Company – it smells like those lime green otter pops and makes the job a little less icky. I start downstairs in the half bath and spray the cleaner in the bowl, then move up to M’s bathroom, and then the master to give time for the cleaner to coat each bowl and do its job. When I get to the master bathroom, I wipe down the surface of the toilet with Honest bathroom cleaner before heading back downstairs. The downstairs toilet gets scrubbed inside and wiped down on the surfaces, then I move to M’s bathroom and do the same. Last stop is the master where I scrub the bowl.

This one takes maybe a little more than 10 minutes, but on these days, I do nothing else and that suits me just fine.

8. wipe down bathroom sinks, countertops, and mirrors

Since the toilets are already squeaky clean, it takes almost no time to do a quick wipe down of all the other surfaces in the bathroom.

I use Honest glass + window cleaner for the mirrors.

9. clean off that cooktop

I have an electric stove so I can’t really help you with product recs if you have gas (heh heh). My cooktop gets SO crusty without basically any effort and it just annoys me to keep up on it since I’m in the kitchen so often.

I wipe it down each night, but save the gross, stuck on stuff for this once a week shindig. Baking soda, vinegar, and dishsoap didn’t even come CLOSE to touching the gunk on my cooktop. So I went against my natural cleaner tendency and got this stuff and it. is. AMAZING. It got off stuff in one use that I’ve been trying to clean for MONTHS. #gogogadgetchemicals!

100% recommend the Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaning pads to do the scrubbing with – I wish I had known about these sooner. Don’t mess around with the other stuff if you can help it.

10. wipe down the kitchen counters

This is something I used to do every night before my daughter was born. Now here we are almost a year and a half later and I’m lucky if it gets done more than once a week.

The trick to stop feeling the guilt over that? Is to just stop caring and do it when you can. Genius, I know. To go along with the other cleaners in the Honest Co suite, I use the multi-surface cleaner for this job.


This isn’t a comprehensive list by any means, but anything you can clean in 10 minutes is music to my ears. Plus it’s enough that when people stop by unexpectedly, it won’t leave you scrambling to stuff your life into the hallway closet 😉

Any tips or products you have to share with the class are much appreciated – I’m always looking for better ways to manage my time!


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