Hi friends! It’s bananas to think that April is nearly over already, isn’t it? Today I’ve got a roundup of my top 10 products and services for April.

1. pantry boy

Pantry Boy Slow Cooker Meal Delivery Service - Sincerely Intentional April Favorites

I have such love for Pantry Boy, even after only one week. Having tried other services like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron, Pantry Boy just takes the cake. There is almost zero prep work involved, and the recipes are flavorful. As long as you can follow simple instructions, and dump pre-measured, pre-seasoned foods into a crockpot, you’ll have a tasty meal for your family without having to spend more than 5 minutes thinking about it. Now that is how you use your time intentionally.

2. younique touch mineral skin perfecting concealer

Younique Touch Mineral Skin Perfecting Concealer - Sincerely Intentional April Favorites

Let’s get the collective MLM groan out of the way now, shall we? 3-2-1 *grooaaaannnnnn* K? K. Someone I went to high school with is a Younique presenter (sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it?). Before she started selling it, I had major Younique eyeroll going on. Mostly because the name is weird to me. But also because I can’t get behind their mascara. BUT, she had me over to her house, did a full face of makeup on me and I was definitely impressed.

I love this concealer specifically because it’s a little thicker than the rando drug store concealers I’ve been using. It’s great at covering my acne (thanks for the oily skin, Grave’s disease! No really, it’s cool. I’m almost 30, but keep those pimples coming okay?). Even cooler is I’ve been learning how to do a little fancy highlighting with this stuff. Or is it contouring? I don’t know the difference. Either way, it’s upped my makeup game 10 fold. Because I’ve started using more products, my makeup routine has gone from less than 5 minutes to between 10-15 minutes. BUT I feel much more put together. And because I feel good about the way I look, it’s easier for me to focus on what I need to get done.

3. 4-In-1 Radio Flyer Deluxe Ride & Stand Stroll ‘N Trike: AKA my april savior

4-In-1 Radio Flyer Deluxe Ride & Stand Stroll 'N Trike - Sincerely Intentional April Favorites

No but really. My daughter is head over heels with her bike. Every morning when we go out to the car it’s “bike?” When we come home after daycare “bike?” After dinner “go bike?” She can’t reach the pedals, but this model has a foot rest for the shorties who still love a nice evening stroll with Mom and Dad. So you can tell by the picture it’s also designed for two riders. Or for one rider who likes to switch between sitting and standing, as toddlers are wont to do. I love this thing so hard, too. My daughter squeals with delight as we cruise the neighborhood looking for dogs to pet and it brings me such JOY to see her so happy. Spring time in Michigan is so gorgeous and getting to spend it outside with my girl is one of my favorite ways to do life.

4. Lularoe mark henley shirts

LuLaRoe Mark Henley Shirt - Sincerely Intentional April Favorites

My husband has tasked me with clothing him in things that make me want to touch him more often. I love *my* LuLaRoe clothing and so I’ve been scouting for Marks lately. That is not my husband pictured, PS, but MMM I love me a good Henley style on a man. They’re so soft and touchable which makes them worth the $40 price tag in our household. He’s comfortable, and my hands are all over him while he’s wearing it, so he’s happy, too. Happy marriage thanks to Mark 😉

5. dyson v6 motorhead cord-free vacuum

Dyson V6 Motorhead Cord-free Vacuum - Sincerely Intentional April Favorites

Remember how I mentioned in my Realtentionalism post that the key to using your time intentionally is to delegate with your people? This is an EASY way to get your partner, kiddos, really anyone with hands and legs to pitch in a little more with the housework. It has about 20 minutes of charge in it. That means it is perfect for vacuuming in small doses like I called for in this post.

We use it daily at my house – typically after meal times and then once again at the end of the night to capture any rogue snack crumbs. Ain’t nobody got time for ants coming in looking for food. Not today ants, not today. It’s SO much nicer than hauling out a vacuum with a cord. A cord my toddler would trip on, or chew on. And then the inevitable hassle of the cord would make me not vacuum as much. And that’s when the ants happen. You know what takes up more time than a quick run of the vacuum? Getting rid of ants. And the subsequent ickiness of not feeling safe from bugs in your own home. Eff that. Get a cord-free vacuum and save everyone the headache. PLUS it’s this gorgeous hot pink color, so it’s go that going for it, which is nice.

6. smith & hawken cucumber basil candle

Smith & Hawken Cucumber Basil Candle - Sincerely Intentional April Favorites

This candle is basically April in a jar. It smells exactly like cucumber and basil and is just FRESH smelling. This has the added benefit of being a soy candle which burns a little cleaner than traditional paraffin wax candles. My husband, who is not a fan of scented candles (like…AT ALL, he can’t be home when I burn them normally), doesn’t mind the smell and much prefers it to the Bath & Body Works candles I usually bring home.

7. lilly pulitzer tumbler

Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler With Straw - Sincerely Intentional April Favorites

EEEEE! I just ordered this today and I’m so geeked for it to get here! It’s navy blue, with bright pink pineapples, and has a straw! This cup screamed my name as soon as I saw it. “MEEEGGGGGAAAAANNNNN! MEGAN! MEGAN!” <- Reenactment of the cup from earlier this morning. I might get some shade for this, but I’m incredibly hit or miss with Lilly Pulitzer stuff. I’m typically for more modern, clean designs and the LP brand is very busy for my taste. This cup, however, is a great blend of both worlds and I’m in love. My current water cup is a red and gold Christmas tumbler, so I figured it was time for an update.

One of my best tips to help you drink more water throughout the day is to buy a cup that you’re delighted to drink out of and use that as your designated water cup. I tend to update mine every season or so. The great thing about ordering from Lilly Pultizer? Free shipping on all orders, fam! Go get it 🙂

8. paper mate flair pens

Paper Mate Flair Pens - Sincerely Intentional April Favorites
When I plan out the day in my Simplified Planner or update goals in my Powersheets, I reach for my Paper Mate Flair pens. They come in several colors which makes my color coding system work really nicely. They don’t bleed through the pages like other markers, and are fine tipped so they look like pen. Best of both worlds (am I the only one who still thinks of Hannah Montana when I hear that phrase?). It certainly doesn’t hurt that the price is right. For around $10 you can pick up a pack of 8-12 just about anywhere pens are sold.

9. emily ley memory box in mint dot

Emily Ley Memory Box in Mint Dot

I actually use this on my kitchen table to collect mail. You know the mail that isn’t quite junk, but you can’t quite throw it out right away? Yeah, that collects on my table. I had been using a letter tray for a while, but I switched over to this memory box for two reasons. One, because it’s cute AF. Two, because it has a cover.  Most of the time the top sits underneath the open box. But when people come over, I just put the top on and voila! My clutterbox turns into something cute and decorative.

10. the chill covers playlist on spotify

Chill Covers Playlist on Spotify - Sincerely Intentional April Favorites

I have a deep appreciation for acoustic covers. These aren’t all acoustic, but they are, certainly, chill. When I’m working, I get distracted easily with background music. I’ve always been that way.

In 4th grade my teacher used to play classical music in class for us when we had time to work independently. One day, I went up to her desk to sharpen my pencil (because that’s where the good electric sharpener was, of course) and asked her why we listened to music with no words. And she told me it was to help keep us concentrated. Except I was never able to concentrate as well with it on.

Blame it on electronics, my personal brain, IDK. I do better work when I have something else in the background my brain can focus on when it needs a little refresher. Not something I need to pay attention to, but something it can latch on to when it can’t brain anymore on whatever project I’m working on. So for those of you out there who are like me, definitely check this playlist out. They’re familiar enough that you can sing along, but different enough that you can still concentrate on something else while it’s playing. Thank you Spotify!

That’s it for my April Favorites – I hope these gave you a little inspiration to make living intentionally a little bit easier!

Until next week <3


A roundup of 10 products, services, and playlists to help you live your most intentional life.


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  1. WOW, with all the FB and IG sponsored ads… I’ve never heard of Pantry Boy 😮 Looking into that, sounds like my type of meal prep! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I hadn’t either LeWahn! I’ve never been so grateful for Groupon in my life LOL! I love splurging on meal delivery services like that every so often but with a toddler it’s hard to clear the time to do all the prep work with other ones like it.

    They seem like they’re still a pretty small company in comparison to Hello Fresh etc which may be why we don’t see them around on FB or IG at all!

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