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Raise your hand if you’ve ever planned out the weekly dinner menu only to scramble to put something together by Thursday. Or, raise your hand if you write down the menu in your planner, but by the time the work day is done you don’t give it a second glance. How about a hand in the air for the folks who have it all together on paper, but forget to take the meat out to thaw, or put the food in the slow cooker before you leave for work?

This post is for you. As for me? Guilty, party of one over here. Of all offenses.

And what is it about dinner time that is the worst for being on the ball? Breakfast is a breeze, lunch is quick and easy. But dinner? Dinner seems to be a beast of its own, right?

My sister has a dry erase menu board hanging in her kitchen and I totally fell in love with the idea of it. Hers is a simple 8×10 picture frame with a piece of scrapbook paper in it. She uses dry erase markers to write out her meals each day.

And I just thought…*that* is what I need in my kitchen.

My style is a little different, so it took me a bit to figure out exactly how I wanted mine laid out, and more importantly, where to find one that didn’t break the bank.

And then I saw a fab frame at Target for $10 and I knew it had to be mine. I bought some blue scrapbook paper and some white glitter alphabet stickers and within 5 minutes, this baby was ready to hang.

DIY Menu Board | Sincerely Intentional

I’ve been scouring the internet for it, and it seems they no longer sell it (online at least). BUT, I have found a comparable frame for just $12 at Big Lots and you can order online – woo hoo!

Big Lots White 8 Opening Collage Frame

Here’s what you’ll need for your menu board:

DIY 5 Minute Menu Board Instructions | Sincerely Intentional

I bought my scrapbook paper and stickers at Michaels (because DUH, it’s Michaels). The alphabet stickers can be pretty pricey without a sale or a coupon. There’s a 40 percent off coupon right here that will bring our project under budget this week!

You’ll likely need 3 packs of the stickers if you want to spell out each day of the week in full like I did. Pesky letter D’s!

As pictured, the alphabet stickers I used are Recollections brand and run $2.99. I had actually planned on using the same stickers for the Menu frame, but used these ones that I already had on hand and aren’t included in the cost breakdown.

I’m also assuming you have scissors – you have scissors, right?

Let’s do a cost breakdown, ow ow!

Collage Frame – $12
Scrapbook Paper – $2
Alphabet Stickers (with coupon) – $5.50

There you have it – a fab, customizable, menu board to hang in your kitchen for under $20! Add some dry erase markers, and you’ve got an easy way to keep your dinner menu at the ready.

Cheers to an intentional week!


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