Routines. We all have them, or we should, anyway. From when you first wake up in the morning, until you fall into bed at night, routines are what makes the world go ’round. Today I’m talking  about your morning routine. How to establish one, and what you should be doing to maximize your goal-achieving potential throughout the day.

My Morning Routine

Establishing a solid morning routine is one of my goals for 2017. In the last year I’ve gone from Stay at Home Mom to Work at Home Mom and it’s been admittedly tough getting into a good groove.

My biggest hurdle has been me daughter, who wakes up anywhere between 5:00 and 7:00. This is a huge flipping gap of time, right?

So here’s how my morning typically goes:

5:30-6:30: Wake up with my daughter, whenever that happens to be.

If it’s around 6:30, my husband takes her downstairs to change her diaper and play. If it’s before 6:30, I take her down.

6:30: I wash my face, put on makeup, and get dressed.

7:00: I take over for my husband so he can get ready while I feed Madeline breakfast.

While she’s eating, I pack her lunch and pick out her clothes.

After she’s done, I get her dressed and let her watch TV while I pack my stuff up for the day.

8:00: I put my daughter in the car and we head to daycare. I drop her off.

8:30: Since I work from home, I actually use Starbucks as my office in the mornings most days during the week, so I head to Starbucks and get to work until lunch time.

What I’ve been trying to do lately, is to work in some quiet time for me to focus on my goals for the day. This can be exercising, meditating, or just reflecting quietly in bed before getting ready for the day.

My husband is such a great partner and father. He totally gets me and supports me needing some extra time in the mornings.

So here is what my ideal morning routine looks like, and what I’ve been making a conscious effort to do lately:

6:00: Wake up to my alarm.

6:15: Go for a run, or sit at my desk and look over the schedule for the day.

I choose a focus word for my day which is the biggest thing I want to accomplish or work toward. If I’m exercising, I try and think of it during my workout. On a rest day, I make it a point to come to it during my quiet time or meditation.

Some examples of focus words I use:

Water, Health, Rest, Blog, Planner, Outside, Unplug, Read, Friends, Project, Inbox 0 (anyone else feel me on that one?!)

6:45: Shower /makeup on/get dressed for the day.

7:15:  Head downstairs to take over childcare for my husband. He leave to get ready and our schedules diverge. I feed my daughter breakfast & pack her lunch while she eats.

7:45: Diaper change, get her dressed, make sure my bag is packed, and eat breakfast myself.

8:00: Out the door for daycare drop off.

8:30: Settle in at Starbucks

6 tips to make your morning routine work for you:

6 Tips to a Solid Morning Routine | Sincerely Intentional

I know mornings can be hectic, fam. Some days one or two (or most) of those six things just aren’t going to happen. Remember, we’re just trying our best, right? This means, you’re going to kill it some times, and screw it at others. And that’s okay.

When I start doing something new, I make it a point to write it into my planner the night before. Something about seeing my plans in pen or marker makes it seem more “real” to me. Anyone else?

Exercise and meditation are new things in my morning routine. I don’t tend to do this on the weekends yet, but during the weekdays, I try my best to make it a priority. Since I haven’t been doing either for too long, here are my recs:

Couch to 5K – I went through this a few years ago and had great success. Since it’s been 3 years since I’ve really ran any distance, I decided to start again at the beginning.

I love Robin Hallett for my meditation. She has guided videos for a variety of topics and she is just an incredibly sweet person overall. I’ve had the pleasure of being in an entrepreneurs mastermind group with her and she is just talented at what she does. She’s the total reason I have opened myself up to meditation.

On mornings when I don’t have a lot of time to eat a solid breakfast, my go-to is a Kodiak muffin, and a couple Johnsonville pre-cooked sausage links. Tons of protein, and takes literally 30 seconds. No excuses.

Next Tuesday, keep an eye out for a post that is all about setting up an evening routine that will make your morning routine that much easier.

What is your morning routine like? I’d love to see yours by sharing either in the comments below or on Instagram!

Until Friday,

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