My husband threw down the gauntlet for me a couple of weeks ago y’all. He’s going to buy me the Kate Spade dress of my dreams if I lose that 50 lbs I’ve been hem hawwing about losing for years.

We were browsing at the outlet mall nearby a few weeks ago and because I’m such a Kate Spade fan, I *had* to go check it out. I live in a small city in Michigan, so we don’t have access to many big name designers locally.

Kate Spade – THE dress

I haven’t had a dress moment like that since I picked out my wedding dress.

I mean…just *look* at it.

Kate Spade Dress

It also has pockets. And comes in hot pink.

But it only goes up to a size 14. If you’ve watched any of my previous videos, you will easily be able to tell a size 14 I am not. I do see up to a size 16 online, but I want the satisfaction of walking into the store, throwing down the credit card and walking out with *that* beauty up there. Or maybe the pink one.

Since we’re all good friends here, I’ll go ahead and just put it out there – I’m 5’6, 232 lbs, and a size 18/20 depending on the brand and cut.

When I think back to the last time I was a size 14 *cough* 10 years ago *cough* I was 180ish lbs, so that’s what I’m basing my weight loss number off of. I was size 10/12 in high school so I was never what you would consider to be small.
LAWD to go back to those days where I thought I was fat LOL. Who’s with me on that?

Staying motivated

Losing the weight is going to be tough, that’s for sure. I’m really motivated right now, but I worry about a few months from now. What are some tips/tricks you use to stay motivated during a big weight loss period?

I’ll be making a motivational Pinterest board which you can follow along with here, and sharing progress photos every 10ish lbs. I say ish because, I won’t be taking my first progress photo until I reach 220 which is just over 10 lbs for me right now.

Drop some healthy recipes, favorite workouts, tips, or motivation for me below in the comments. I’m going to need it <3

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2 thoughts on “Kate Spade Weight Loss Challenge”

  1. THAT dress is CUTE !!! I think you gave me the motivation I needed this week lol I just started using the planning feauture on COOKING LIGHT DIET, the recipes are really good and no salad or brown rice crap. Many of the recipes I have posted thus far are my modifications to their recipes and all under 600cal. Check out their site. If you have any recipes in mind, let me know and I can send u a few before u sign up 🙂

  2. Thank you! That looks really useful, and time saving OMG. I spend at least an hour a week meal planning and making my grocery list. Do they use the same recipes on the regular Cooking Light website? Then I can browse through and see if they have stuff I like before I sign up.

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