TGIF, people. I’ve had a rough go the last couple of days and I’m ready to step away from the grind for a bit. I’m having such a hard time focusing today and it’s taking a lot to even do the bare minimum. All I want to do is curl up with a soft blanket, a good book, and tune everything else out. This is SO not how I anticipated kicking off this post but I’m just in a funk, y’all. For anyone else in a funk (or even if you’re feeling fiiiine), I’ve got a happy post on the docket for today. My March favorites!

You can get links to all of these from my Pinterest board, aptly named “March Favs” – creative, I know.

cinnamon almondmilk macchiato

March Favorites Macchiato
If you haven’t tried one, DO IT. Hit the Starbucks drive-thru on your way home, get that mobile order in, it doesn’t matter how, so long as you DO. Iced, hot, WHATEVAH, girlfran. I cannot sing its praises enough.

spring tunes: of montreal

March Favorites Of Montreal
The Sunlandic Twins album has been a fav of mine for over a decade now and I love putting it on in the car as the weather starts to warm up. It’s an instant mood booster.

this microsoft surface sleeve

March Favorites Laptop Sleeve
I got this as a Christmas present and I love it so much. I mentioned in a previous post how much of a fangirl I am when it comes to horizontal stripes. This is totally Kate Spade-esque (my fav), and it’s cushy AF. PLUS, it’s handmade and supports an artist directly which I’m way on board for.

copper stainless steel wine glasses

March Favorites wine glass
YOU. GUYS. I’m completely smitten with these. They make drinking wine even better than it already is. I’m even more excited to take my wine poolside this summer <3

this peony and eucalyptus wreath from lauren conrad

March favorites wreath
This was featured in a shoot LC did in 2015, but it just screams Spring to me. She made this out of live materials, but this is on my radar as a project with fake florals so I can use it for years to come.

toddler sweaters from carter’s

March Favorites Sweater
I went to the Carter’s outlet nearby a couple week ago and picked this one up on sale. It’s really lightweight so my daughter will be able to wear it on cooler Spring days. Plus, it’s adorable 🙂

this entire etsy shop

March Favorites CC Etsy
But for real. She sells paper goods, mugs, and printables. I mostly buy her cards – they’re brill and definitely my style.


March Favorites LLR
I’ve mentioned it before, and I’m 99% sure you’ve heard of it before, or at least had that one girl you sort of knew from high school invite you to her VIP group on Facebook.

Obviously the leggings are a draw, but as the weather gets warmer, I’ve actually been digging the Amelia dress (see my IG post from earlier today), and the Madison skirt (pictured).

If you haven’t tried it out before, I can recommend a good group with a good consultant for you – turns out consultants are humans and not all humans are a good fit to sell clothes.

this throw that totally reminds me of lara casey’s new book cultivate

March Favorites Throw
Garima Dhawan is the designer and it’s sold by Deny Designs (you can purchase through the Target website FYI).

I haven’t gotten it yet since it’s pricier than the typical $25 blanket I normally buy, but it’s definitely getting worked into the budget in the next couple of months. I’m the type of person who uses a throw blanket no matter the season. This will be a good one to have all year round!

these waterproof name labels

March Favorites
I don’t know how I haven’t gotten on board with labels like this in the 9 months my daughter has been going to daycare. Every day I write on some masking tape with a Sharpie, and every day I rip the tape off before tossing her stuff in the dishwasher.

I’ve seen other waterproof labels around the block, but they were all a little to ‘primary colors’ for my taste. ModishCC is the name of the Etsy shop I got these from (I love Etsy, can you tell?) and I LOVE them.

It’s only a small time saver, but that time adds up. Plus these are WAY cuter than masking tape and Sharpie marker.


So those are my March favorites! Check out that Pinterest board for links to buy if any of these strike your fancy (except the macchiato of course, though an instant macchiato through the screen would be choice, right?)!

*Someday I’d like to get on board with a few affiliate programs, but for now, all of the favorites and other recommendations I make are strictly because I just freaking love the products.

I’d love to see any products you’ve been really digging lately 🙂 In the meantime, have a fabulous, funk-free (unless it’s the musical type) weekend, lovely humans <3


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