May, May, baby. Dum doom dun dun duh dun dun dun. <— That should be read to the tune of Ice Ice Baby. Did that come across? I hope so.

Since we’re nearly done with the month, I’m gonna go ahead and list out my:

May Favorites!

But first, a little housekeeping:

This post contains affiliate links. If you see something here you are ready to say “oh hell yes!” to, and purchase through one of these links, I may receive a little something-something to help keep the blog lights on at no extra cost to you. It’s always much appreciated. <3

*whew* Now that’s out of the way so we can get to the goods!

Simplified Planner

May Favorites: Simplified Planner | Sincerely Intentional
Photo credit: Emily Ley Paper

Unless you’re a brand brand newbie around here, you know I’ve got mad love for Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner. New academic (August ’17 – July ’18) daily editions are available right meow through the Emily Ley website and Y’ALL. They are so gorgeous. I’m waiting for my Gold Pineapple weekly to arrive and will definitely be sharing when it gets here. The sad news, is that the weekly editions are sold out. Boo, I know! They flew off the virtual shelves, guys. They’ve already got plans to stock waaaay more for the September calendar year release (Jan ’18 – December ’18), so if you had your heart set on a weekly, I encourage you to jump on it in September.

That said, daily editions in all four gorgeous covers are still available, plus a host of adorable accessories. Check them out!

Sipa Pens

May Favorites: Sipa Pens | Sincerely Intentional
Photo credit: SIPA

I love to color code in my planner and recently bought these pens and *love* them. I was a Paper Mate Flair girl for a long time, but these ones are smoother and just feel better to me.

FlipFlop Wine

May Favorites: FlipFlop Wine Cans | Sincerely Intentional
Photo credit: FlipFlop Wines

Wine in a can is going to revolutionize my summer. My neighborhood has a pool, and glass isn’t allowed. #problemsolved. I tried a different brand of canned wine (Seven Daughters) but this brand is really delicious (and packs more of a *ahem* punch if you catch my drift, so it feels nicer to drink!).

If you’re a Costco member, I found these in a case of 24 for $29.99 last week. Best decision EVA.


May Favorites: LipSense | Sincerely Intentional
Photo credit: Michelle Monroe, LipSense Independent Distributor

I have never been a lipstick person. Maybe a gloss here and there. Maybe chapstick during the winter. When other women say they would choose lipstick over foundation it blows my mind.

And then I met LipSense. I know. Another MLM/Network Marketing/OMG-you-so-basic-buy-on-FB thing. I get it. Really.

But look. I actually really effing love this stuff. I’ve got two different glosses, and about to get my third color. My face feels naked without it and I feel so confident when I wear it!

It really does last for hours and hours and hours and by the end of the day, I just use a baby wipe to remove. I’ve linked you to a good friend who sells it if you’re interested in trying it out. She’s real AF and won’t dick you around just to sell a product if you have any questions.

ChloeVSTankDesign Etsy Shop

ChloeVSTankDesign Etsy Shop | Sincerely Intentional
Photo credit: ChloeVSTankDesigns Etsy shop

I have been digging workout shirts and tanks with sassy sayings on them, and Chloe at ChloeVSTankDesigns on Etsy has crazy awesome ones. She’s got great reviews, the material is soft and true to size. Definitely planning on ordering a handful to get me through my summer workouts 🙂

DaBomb Bath Fizzers


May Favorites: Da Bomb Bath Fizzers | Sincerely Intentional
Photo credit: Da Bomb Bath Fizzers Instagram (@dabombfizzers)

Move over LUSH, mama’s got a new favorite bath bomb dealer supplier. I first found these at Target and totally fell in love. They’re made by two “sisterpreneurs” – teenage sisters who decided to start a company. Want to know what I was doing when I was 15? Being a dumbass. So many props to these ladies. I’ve tried a handful of these bombs and have loved them all. I don’t particularly dig the ones with sprinkles in them because I end up having to scoop them out of my bathtub after I’m done. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, IDK. BUT. They smell so good, the water turns cool colors, and the cutest part, is there’s a surprise hidden in each bomb. They’re usually either quotes, or small keychain trinkets.

As a 30 year old woman, I could do without the trinkets, but I’m holding onto them for when my daughter is a little older because she will love them.

Make it Happen by Lara Casey

Make it Happen by Lara Casey | Sincerely Intentional

I am reading this book right now and HOO. It’s definitely a May favorite. Maybe even a 2017 favorite. I have this featured on my post, 12 Books to Read in 2017. And now that I’m in the middle of it, I am re-recommending it. As we approach the mid-point of the year, it’s easy to fizzle out on your goals, but this is a fantastic motivator to take life by the…hand….and do with it what you want.

I’m reading this ahead of Lara’s new book that is coming out next month called Cultivate. They aren’t sequential or anything, I just figured it would be a good one while I’m in the wait for the new book.

Athena Lutton Illustration

May Favorites: Athena Lutton Illustration | Sincerely Intentional
Photo credit: Athena Lutton Illustration

Athena is one of my darling friends and is a phenomenal artist.  She recently did a commissioned piece for a friend featuring two city skylines that her friend has called home and I am head over heels for it. I’m super impressed moreso, because this isn’t actually watercolor, despite its appearances. She used acrylic paint on canvas as her medium and I seriously just love everything about it.

My daughter’s nursery is nautical themed and I actually have this piece hanging up above her changing table. She does such cute nursery art. I mean, just look at this stuff:

May Favorites: Athena Lutton Illustration Nursery Art | Sincerely Intentional
Collage created using photos from Athena Lutton Illustration

Athena is just so so talented and I can’t NOT share her work with you guys <3

Magnolia Journal

May Favorites: Magnolia Journal | Sincerely Intentional
Photo credit: Magnolia Market website

I *love* a good episode of Fixer Upper, don’t you? Maybe that makes me #basic, but I don’t really care 😉 The funny thing is that I’m not actually a huge fan of the rustic, farmhouse decor craze. I just really love Chip & JoJo.

Magnolia Journal is a quarterly magazine, and it so full of stories about slowing down, doing what you love, and living simply. It speaks to my intentional living heart and I plan on keeping my subscription for as long as they make it. And at $20/year or $30/two years, it’s well priced!


May Favorites: Caravella Limoncello | Sincerely Intentional

Why didn’t anyone tell me about Limoncello before now? How did I make to nearly 30 without tasting this deliciousness? I mean, I’ve been to Lemonjello’s before. It’s an adorable local coffee shop. But no Limoncello. Until my yummy brunch with my girlfriends last weekend and PEOPLE. I am all aboard the Limoncello train.

I also just realized two of my May favorites involve alcohol 😮

When the weather warms up, fill my cup, I guess. Amiright? Maybe?

And there it is friendly friends! My May favorites. What have you been digging in May? Share your favs in the comments below or find me on Instagram 😀

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