What is going ON, fam?! I’ve got a quick video update for you below.

There are BIG things coming down the pipeline here at Sincerely Intentional, so no meaty post for you today, but it will all be worth it this SUMMER when I’ve got this baby launched.

Mother’s Day is also coming up – you might remember THIS video post from February, if not, check it out. I’m a mama without a mom of my own, she passed away a few years ago and Mother’s Day is always tough. SO, Friday keep an eye out for ways to cope on Mother’s Day when you don’t have a mama to celebrate (includes bottomless mimosas, so there’s that).

THIRD big thing is the Simplified Planner Academic launch on May 17 at 10 AM. Head on over to the Simplified Planner Instagram for a super special sneak peek and detailed info about these beauties (and for my weekly people, the Weeklies have PATTERNED covers this year, woo hoo!).

But because I love you so much, I’ve got a quick preview right here for you, too <3

Academic Agenda, Daily or Weekly by Emily Ley

Not sure which one to choose? There’s a friggen QUIZ, dudes. I’m obviously going to snap up that Navy Pineapple weekly for blog planning, because HELLO, brand colors!

I’ll be chatting more about these in detail on TUESDAY May 16 so you’ll have all the info before launch day on the 17th.

From Emily Ley herself, if you are thinking about grabbing a weekly planner, you’ll want to get it on launch day – they ran a limited amount, and aren’t able to print more until the yearly editions come out this fall. Make peace with your bank account now, and come back here to find out more next week!

For those of you who are ON IT today reading this post, head over to Emily Ley’s Facebook page where she will be going LIVE at Noon EST to do a Q&A about the planners, and one lucky person will win one of these beauts BEFORE you can buy them. As an affiliate, I am mega jealous of whoever is going to win, because I’ll be waiting with my fingers on the buy button next week just like the rest of you 😉

Without further ado, let’s check out what is going ON at Sincerely Intentional!

See you Friday, lovelies!

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