But for real. Any of you following me on Instagram have seen me get crazy hyped about the new Simplified Planner launch happening TODAY! Y’all. The covers are *everything*. The book-bound weeklies, LAY FLAT. And the binding on the dailies? True gold, folks. I personally believe that every single person could benefit from using a planner, but why do you need a Simplified Planner?

You’re so lucky you have me to guide you, friend.

Before I go into detail about the features, the colors, the design blahblahblah – let’s chat about why you need a planner to begin with.

why you need a planner at all

If you’re an all digital, all the time type of person, I’m going to level with you and say this is likely not the product for you. There isn’t a digital component, it’s all old-fashioned pen and paper planning. BUT. Hear me out. If using your digital calendar worksย okay for you, but you feel like there’s something better out there – I want to encourage you to switch to paper for a while and see how it feels. Seriously. It’s been proven that writing things out manually helps you retain information better than typing and storing digitally.

I actually use the calendar feature on my phone to take down dates as I’m out and about for appointments and random one off events. My husband syncs his calendar to mine since he’s an all digital guy. This way, I can transfer his goings on into my Simplified Planner and stay up to date.

I keep a paper planner because it clears my mind in a way that storing it on my phone just can’t do. When I write out things I have coming up, appointments I need to keep, birthdays, work deadlines, you name it , it empties out of my brain and makes way for the good stuff. In this way, I don’t have to remember any of it, I just have to look at my planner. My planner tells me I need to buy a card for my niece’s birthday in time to send it to her. It tells me I have an appointment with my Endocrinologist in a couple of weeks so I don’t have to think about it until the time comes.

My planner stays open either on my kitchen table or my desk and I look at it every morning, and every evening.

And I use the eff out of it y’all. Stickers, color coding, you name it. It’s full up.

Why You Need A Simplified Planner - My Usage

why you need a simplified planner

There are a million and one planner choices out there and each one suits a different need. I never realized how nuanced the planner world actually is until I started blogging about it, but SISTER. Let me tell you what. The smallest difference between planner brands can render one usable or not feasible for you depending on what the difference is.

The Simplified Planner is just that. Simple. With a clean, modern design, and plenty of white space, it’s hard to feel overwhelmed by your schedule using this – no matter how hectic it may be.

There are two versions, four beautiful covers, and two date sets.

Let’s break that down.

Two Versions

There’s a Daily version for the folks (like me) who need their day plotted out by the hour. Each page is one full day. It makes for a thicker planner, but it holds a LOT of information. Because it’s bigger, this version is ring bound, and NEW this year, the binding is a beautiful true gold.

The Weekly version is book-bound and, get this, lays flat no matter where you’re at. With this version, you’re looking at one full week over a two page spread. Eagle eye view, baby!

So I actually use a daily right now, but I’ve found that I’m needing to go into more detail for my blog and business, so I’m going to be ordering a weekly planner just for those.

I’m seriously obsessed.

Four Beautiful Covers

Look. At. These. GAWWWWWWD.

Fancy Floral – Weekly
Gold Pineapple – Daily
Happy Stripe – Weekly
Gold Dot – Daily

I’m currently using the Happy Stripe daily version, but for my blog/business will be going for the navy Pineapple weekly. It’s actually called Gold Pineapple if you go to order it, but its the navy cover that has gold pineapples on it.

You can get any cover in weekly or daily (while supplies last), so no worries about having to choose between them!

Two Date Sets

Simplified Planners come in Academic or Calendar year dates. So the batch launching today are the academic year and run from August 2017 – July 2018.

September will bring the launch of the 2018 calendar year planners, which will run from January 2018 – December 2018.

Don’t let the academic planner fool you into thinking this is just for college students or teachers. This is a great choice if you need a new planner sooner. There is nothing magical about January 1.

Or if you’re a crazy person like me and will be keeping two planners. Purchasing one at each launch date makes the wallet burden a lot easier to bear ๐Ÿ˜‰

Still not sure which one you want to get?

Once the site goes live at 10:00 am EST, head here to take the Planner Personality Quiz that will match you with your perfect cover, and whether you should get a daily or a weekly.


All planner sales made today on launch day only will include FREE monogramming! I’m so excited about this. Since I’m ordering a planner for my blog and business, I’m getting “SI” on mine. This will push your delivery date back by a few days, BUT since the start date in these isn’t until August, there’s plenty o’ time.

Ordering a couple? All orders over $100 (before taxes and shipping) also ship for FREE.

Y’all. GAH. This is awesome.

In the interest of transparency, I am a part of Emily Ley’s affiliate program, and if you decide to purchase anything through links I’ve got scattered throughout this post, this website, or though my Instagram account, I may receive a small commission to help keep the blog lights on.


The reason I became an affiliate in the first place is because I love these products, and I believe in them. I love what Emily Ley Paper stands for, and while we’ve not met in person, I adore Emily and her team of incredible women who work their tushes off to make these for us all.

What this means?

I would be shouting about Simplified Planner from the rooftops even if I wasn’t to gain from it at all. You guys, I just love these planners. I also wasn’t able to get an advance copy of one, so I will be going through the launch order process with the rest of you ๐Ÿ˜‰

WHOO. Glad we got that out of the way.

Let’s talk price.

The weekly planners come in at $48 + tax/shipping, and the dailies are $58 + tax/shipping.

Well worth it. Truly.

One thing to consider – the weeklies are expected to sell out! It’s hard to say when, but if you’re eyeing a weekly version, I highly recommend buying today if at all possible. Daily folks, you are likely just fine, but you never do know. These are so awesome.

Have any questions about why you need a Simplified Planner?

Drop them in the comments below, or head over to the Emily Ley website at 10:00 am EST where Emily will be available to answer questions through the chat function on the site!

Ready to buy? Click the image below (and a HUGE thank you for supporting my small business dreams by ordering through my link).

Academic Agenda, Daily or Weekly by Emily Ley

Let me know either here or on Instagram which version you go with!

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